Developer Meets City's Needs

LEHI, UT, September 16, 2019 —

In recent news, the city of Cambridge Massachusetts was given a unique proposal from a developer that has actively listened and acted on the ongoing needs of a city.

Starting as a modern self-storage project, the situation has evolved into an intricate mixed-use development that will include 22 affordable housing residential units, a small neighborhood gym, and, of course, storage in the rear.

As shown in the picture below, the project will also feature a prominent solar layout on the roof of the building, making it the largest solar array in the city.

The path to get to this point was accomplished when city planners and citizens pushed back on the initial proposal. As more interests were expressed by neighbors and planners for certain amenities and needs, the developer chose to listen and act on the feedback.

Although pleasing everyone in a city is nearly impossible, the developers have pursued a very respectable plan that is sure to provide lasting value to the city.

GDP is currently faced with a very similar situation that once started as a self-storage facility is now a mixed-use conglomerate project that will feature nearly 100 units (15% of which will be affordable housing), and over 80,000 SF of net rentable storage. In fact, we wrote a brief synopsis of the latest on this project here.

We view the project in Massachusetts as an incredible feat, and one that GDP will surely look to as an example as construction begins.

Stay up to date on the GDP project here.

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