Major Progress in Albemarle County

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, August 22, 2019 —

Big steps were taken by Albemarle County this week, as they approved a number of projects to further the county's ambitious "Rio29 Small Area Plan." One of these projects was GDP's mixed-use development for a 100 unit apartment complex and 135,000 SF of self-storage.

Nearly 2 years of meetings and planning have led up to this point, and GDP is positioned well to provide a project that meets the city's long-term vision of turning the area into an urban center. To do so, the county has adopted a creative plan to entice development in the area. "Form-based code is what's very forward-thinking and potentially a big change in our approach here, as well as transit-oriented development," commented Commissioner Pam Riley.

As part of this form-based code, GDP was given permission to pursue an innovative design to maximize the 4-parcel site for the highest and best use. The front half of the site will feature a 100 unit apartment complex to coincide with the city's "Core" requirements. On the back half of the site, GDP will develop a institutional-grade self-storage facility into a descending hillside. Plans to beautify the trail system will take place on the northernmost part of the site, further building out the city's goal to provide a trail system for local residents.

By following this plan, incredible value will be created for the community, developers, and investors alike. Follow GDP's progress on this project here, as plans are set to begin construction later this year.

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