Communities Benefit from Storage

LEHI, UT, March 22, 2019 —

A major focus of GDP's Mission Statement is centered on improving local communities:

"To fulfill its duty as good citizens by adding value to the quality of life in the communities it serves by creating the best projects possible."

This focus is accomplished by careful execution with city planning committees to ensure approval from local stakeholders. When selecting a site, GDP focuses on finding the optimum location that not only ensures the facility's success, but will also benefit the community long term.

It's important to recognize if a site won't work in a selected community; any faults that a project may pose to a community is a non-starter. Once a project is under city review, it's assuring for the community to know the project has already gone through GDP's strict criteria.

Over the past 2 decades, the Self-Storage industry has had major improvements in design, structure, and appearance that has abolished the prior stigma that "all self-storage facilities are ugly."

The strict criteria stems from this- the constant need to maintain and further improve the self-storage image on communities. GDP has experienced very positive interactions with city planning committees in recent projects. On the project shown on the image above, the City of Charlottesville has eagerly included GDP's storage site into the Comprehensive Plan, furthering the city's goal to create an urban center.

GDP also stresses the positive attributes of land use associated with storage:

  • Storage generates low traffic and low crime

  • Facilities are closed at night, with limited access

  • Projects often bring enhanced security to the surrounding community

  • Facilities provide noise-reducing qualities, such as acoustical buffering from major highways, boulevards, etc.

Take a look at GDP's list of projects here.

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