The Kansas City MSA Great Mall Transformation

LEHI, UT, November 9, 2018 —

The former Great Mall in the City of Olathe could be experiencing a redevelopment of its 100-acre site. The Salt Lake City-based Woodbury Corporation is currently under contract to purchase the site and develop a $300 million sports and entertainment project.

The full-blown development, under the project name “Mentum,” 250,000 SF of entertainment and retail venues, 200,000 SF of office and medical spaces, 300 apartments, two hotels, and a 4,000 seat arena and community ice center for hockey.

The original site was built in 1997, but was recently demolished in 2016. Mixed-use redevelopment has been a priority for the city of Olathe, and the site will allow for such goals to

be realized. Olathe city spokesman Tim Danneberg recently stated, “Redeveloping the mall site has been a priority for years. We feel very good about having a company like Woodbury leading the charge. They have a very good reputation.”

Josh Woodbury, Vice President of acquisitions for Woodbury Corporation, said in a release, “We feel that when completed, Mentum will be a great amenity not only for the local community of Olathe, but for the whole state of Kansas as well.”

Greenscape Development Partners is particularly well positioned for this development, due to the vicinity of a potential project in the area. The map below shows the vicinity of GDP’s project to the Mentum development site:

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