GDP and Albemarle County Reach Agreement

August 22, 2019

LEHI, UT, August 22, 2019 -- In recent news, Albemarle County approved GDP's proposed mixed-use development known by the city as the "Rio West Project," which will include over 100 apartments and nearly 135,000 SF of self-storage.

The unanimous approval of rezoning for the project will align with the Rio-28 Small Area Plan, with the county and Greenscape Development both in sync on delivering an extraordinary project that will surely benefit the city as a whole.

"We are beyond excited to have received approval for a project that we know will add value to Albemarle County," stated Jay Garlick, Principal at Greenscape Development Partners. "We see incredible potential for this project; the county has a grand long-term vision for this area, and we are thrilled to be a part of it."

For a deeper dive into this unique project, take a look here.

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Fairway America's Investment Summit

April 25, 2019

LEHI, UT, April 25, 2019 -- Join us LIVE for the 2019 SBRE Summit Live Stream, an exclusive two-day event that brings the action of Fairway America's annual SBRE Investment Summit directly to high net worth investors across the country! Our very own Jay Garlick will be sitting on two panels and speaking Saturday May 4th at 11:40 am PST alongside a host of other SBRE experts. Here is just a taste of the educational topics we'll be tackling:


– Self Storage: National Opportunities and Returns

– Opportunity Zones: What Are They and How Do They Work?

– Retail Real Estate: Apocalypse or Opportunity?

– The SBRE Investor Spectrum: Issues, Ideas, and Idiosyncrasies

– And much, much more!


Register today:


What is the SBRE Summit? See the event details here:

Greenscape Development Partners Closes on Land in Olathe, Kansas

January 31, 2019

LEHI, UT, January 31, 2019 -- Greenscape Development Partners ("GDP") has just closed on two parcels of undeveloped land in a high-growth area of Olathe Kansas.  GDP plans to develop a 100,000 SF climate-controlled self-storage facility from the ground up.  The site features incredible visibility at the intersection of Interstate 35 and W 151st Street, where average daily traffic is over 70,000.

In recent news, plans for a major redevelopment project, dubbed Project Mentum, were recently revealed.  This project, which sits within 1 mile of GDP's recently-purchased land, aims to add high-scale amenities and housing where the "Great Mall" existed nearly 20 years ago.  This redevelopment will bolster growth and encourage further development in the area, making this site a prime location for self-storage.

Greenscape Development Partners Closes on Kansas City Property

December 14, 2018

LEHI, UT, Dec. 14, 2018 -- Greenscape Development Partners ("GDP") is proud to announce the recent closing of a property in Kansas City, Missouri.  The property, located just east of downtown Kansas City, is made up of 10 separate yet connected warehouses on 6.4 acres.  Under the current plan, both GDP and Crescendo Properties plan to convert the warehouses into a 100% climate-controlled self-storage facility under the branding of Shield Storage.  This will be the second project with GDP and Crescendo Properties as JV partners.  

The JV partnership will allow for a truly remarkable redevelopment within an Opportunity Zone, making this project very appealing for both investors and owners alike. The redevelopment will produce a facility that will add long-term value to both downtown Kansas City and neighboring areas.

Rezoning Proposal Filed in Charlottesville, VA

November 02, 2018

LEHI, UT, January 31, 2019 -- The Daily Progress recently posted an article outlining Greenscape Development Partner's big plans for Rio Road.  The proposal has been filed with the city, with plans underway to further beautify Albemarle County's "Rio-29 Small Area Plan."  

County members are eager for the new development in the area. "I’m thrilled that it’s the first one out that’s attempting to live up to the expectation of the small area plan,” Albemarle County Supervisor Ned Gallaway said.

Once approved, the Rio-29 Small Area Plan will become part of the Comprehensive Plan, further propelling this project to completion.  As it currently stands, the project is well into the design phase, with approvals pending a public hearing in coming months.

Be sure to stay up to date with this project by following its progress here.

Greenscape Development Partners Closes on Land in Vancouver, Washington

August 20, 2018

LEHI, UT, August 20, 2018 -- Greenscape Development Partners ("GDP") has recently closed on 4 acres of land in Vancouver, Washington. GDP, along with JV partners Crescendo Properties, will develop the land into a climate-controlled, 112K square foot self-storage facility under the branding of Shield Storage.  

Crescendo Properties alone has managed / owned nearly 100 self-storage facilities in multiple states and regions.  This project will be the 12th Shield Storage branded self-storage facility, with more coming to market soon.  Together, GDP and Crescendo Properties will development a Class "A" Institutional Grade facility that will greatly improve the surrounding area.

Additional details have been posted about this project by The Columbian here.

Greenscape Development Partners Opens their New Office in Lehi, Utah

October 18, 2017

LEHI, UT, Oct. 18, 2017 -- Greenscape Development Partners ("GDP") is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in Lehi, Utah. Located in the thriving tech center known as Silicon Slopes, GDP will be conveniently located both operations and capital partners. "We feel very fortunate to accommodate our team, investors, and clients in a location that both functional and prestigious," says J. Richard Garlick, CEO of GDP.


GDP was founded with a mission of improving quality, service, communication, asset performance, and trust in the real estate development industry. Located in Lehi, UT, the company services the United States by region.

Greenscape Development Partners Launches their New Website at

October 27, 2017

LEHI, UT, Oct. 27, 2017 -- Greenscape Development Partners ("GDP") is pleased to announce the launch of its new digital presence, anchored by its refreshed website and new social media outlets. 

As a leader and innovator in the real estate development community, GDP has always placed a high premium on investor relations, customer service, and communication. The company is a leading developer of evergreen cash flow properties in self storage, multi family, residential land, retail and office. 


"Our business is principally about careful calculated decision making and execution facilitated by communication.," says CEO and Co-Founder J. Richard Garlick. "Being able to promptly, reliably, and efficiently communicate with our investors and customers as well as our strategic partners is the cornerstone of our service promise. As the whole world continues to become more digitally oriented, we understand that it is increasingly important to have vertically integrated communication channels to deliver on that promise." 


"Our team has made a name for themselves in executing when it counts, we want the same thing to be said of our digital communication," shares COO and Co-Founder Justin Lee. GDP has launched their new website, and they have added Facebook, Google and YouTube outlets, to bolster their existing LinkedIn presence. 


"We want to make it easy to find us, and easy to communicate with us. We've never shied away from investing in technology that can improve the level of service we can deliver to our clients," says Lee. He continues, explaining, "we use best-in-class software for market research, feasibility, construction management, and finance. We have invested in every manner of communication tools and workflow aids to give our operations team constant connectivity and access to information wherever they are. Our enhanced digital footprint follows this same principle. All of the things we're doing are meant to be able to give our clients and other stakeholders the ability to understand us, and most importantly contact us however they're comfortable." 


GDP was founded with a mission of improving quality, service, communication, asset performance, and trust in the real estate development industry. Located in Lehi, UT, the company services the United States by region.

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