Chestnut Ave, Kansas City, MO

  • Climate-controlled self-storage facility

  • Size: 157,000 SF

  • Type: Adaptive reuse

        Located near downtown Kansas City, MO, this storage facility will cater to various neighboring residential areas and will improve the surrounding region.  The site currently features 10 separate yet connected warehouses and offices.  The first of these 10 warehouses was built in the 1920's, and slowly grew in size as more warehouses were added to increase operations. The warehouses reached an operating size where it was once the sole printing facility for Hallmark Cards.

        Using these 10 warehouses, GDP will convert the facility into a 100% climate controlled self-storage facility to drastically improve the existing building and add value to the surrounding area.

        Construction broke ground on the site in October 2019, with estimated plans to finish in Q2 2020.


*Note: Renderings above represent potential site designs, and have not been finalized. Final project designs and construction subject to change.

@2019 by Greenscape Development Partners

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